Demographic Data Append Every Marketer Should Use but How?

Demographic data is a statistical data which describes the certain characteristics of the population like age, sex, income group etc. At the time of assembles data by census about people’s age and sex, it is a proper example of assembling data about demographic. Most of the company believe on demographic data append service before starting any campaign. Continue reading Demographic Data Append Every Marketer Should Use but How?

Tips to Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint

The first thing that you should do when you are trying to build your career around Microsoft SharePoint is known who you are and what your areas of knowledge are. This is why when you are attempting to go the SharePoint development way you need to perform a proper assessment of your skills, capabilities, knowledge, and career goals. You need to understand the kind of work experience that you have and the type of work that you would want to do. You should also have a clear idea of the things that you are good at.  You also need to know if you like working directly with people. Continue reading Tips to Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint

Top 10 SEO trends of 2017

SEO is not dead as people think but it is to be used in conjunction with social media marketing. Since attention spans of people have become wider, they tend to spend less time on each platform.There will be a clear shift from desktop first to mobile first. Around 70% of searches and an equal number of purchases are made through mobiles. The majority of them (both organic and paid) coming from Android. Mobile search will now take centre-stage just as local search and polygonal marketing were on everyone’s mind, nearly a decade ago. With accelerated mobile pages that load faster, Google has laid the foundation of the mobile search industry. Continue reading Top 10 SEO trends of 2017

SharePoint Online- What is SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the programming languages that are used to create websites, which is used as the secure place to store, share, organize and access data from any device. Share point will design websites to share unique information when it is essential.  SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that is introduced by Microsoft, for all size of businesses. Instead of establishing and separating SharePoint network on business premises, every business concern can get Office 365 plan. It enables your employee to create websites to share information and documents with partners, colleagues, and customers. Office 365 file of share point enables the business concern to store its file in their team sites to access with business activities.  The share point server in the premises enables the employees to get access to documents of each other. Online share point is the best method to have the convenient share of the data and documents. Continue reading SharePoint Online- What is SharePoint

Dreams Materialized by Mobile App Development Company

Our life cannot exist without the Smartphone, Smart-watch and technologies. These gadgets use apps that are user-friendly, help owners to communicate with the others. The most popular apps are generally free for download and install. Continue reading Dreams Materialized by Mobile App Development Company

11 Gmail tools to save your Digital Time

Well, it is correctly said that an email can make or break an opportunity for you! If you are still muddled up in checking your Gmail again and again and are losing track of the important ones, you need to get these Smart Gmail Tools handy to make your Gmail experience delightful! Every tool mentioned here has its unique purpose. Continue reading 11 Gmail tools to save your Digital Time