Effective strategies for managing your travel blog site while traveling

One of the questions that ardent travel bloggers often ask is how to manage their travel blog when they are traveling on the road. While traveling, it can be a seriously overwhelming task to write all the travel blogs and maintain a strong presence in the social media. Not only it is necessary as a travel blogger to publish quality content while on the road, but you will also need to edit photos and videos as you try to explore a new place. However, even though it seems that maintaining such blogs can take up all of your time and leave you with little opportunity to explore a site, the good thing is that it can be done with a little effort. It is necessary to maintain the travel blog regularly because unless new blogs are posted at regular intervals, it can dramatically reduce traffic to your blog site and you are going to lose money. On the other hand, there is no point coming to a place and staying glued all the time to the computer as you won’t be really able to enjoy all the experiences that the new site has to offer. Therefore it is necessary to organize time efficiently so that both these tasks can be managed. Continue reading Effective strategies for managing your travel blog site while traveling

Golf Accessories for Frequent Fliers

If you are faced with a double whammy of being a constant traveler as well as a golf ficionado, well, you have a problem at hand. And the only solution is to carry a full set of travel accessories so that you remain in touch with your golf swing. If you are flying by Hiring Private Jet or Flying by regular flights, this list will help you to find some more good options for your Golf Accessories. Continue reading Golf Accessories for Frequent Fliers